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Thursday, June 28, 2007


I have been surfing the web for over 5 years and I am still finding new things. During my five years on the web, I have met so many nice people. Most I have never met in person but feel as if I know some of them better than my "In real life friends." That is what is nice about the internet. It is a safety net that lets you meet people and really get to know them. You can form a bond because you aren't afraid to be yourself. You know that people are getting to know the real you because they can't see you and form an opinion before they actually get to know you.

I know many single people who need to meet someone special in this type of arena. They can give as much information or as little, as they feel is necessary. They could choose to give more information about themselves as they became closer to their friend. If they want to form a closer relationship, maybe even fall in love, they should check into It is a safe and easy to use site. I signed up, looked around, and was amazed to see all the normal looking guys that are looking for a friend in my area.

FriendFinder is a comfortable place to meet nice people. It is easier than meeting someone face to face. Once you feel comfortable, you may want to meet. The choice is what makes FriendFinder so nice, unlike some other types of online dating services. Give it a try!