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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Last night we went to son's college's basket ball game. Go Butler. They beat Evansville. It was so much fun to watch. Those guys have great skill and play together as a team. That #4 cannot miss the basket!

I have admiration for those people who have to maneuver in wheelchairs. I praise and thank the Lord every day that I won't have to be in a wheelchair forever. The world is not set up to make it easy for the handicapped. The clothes racks in stores are put so close together that it is almost impossible to get through a store. The mall doors need buttons to push so the doors open automatically. There is no way I could get into a mall by myself. Trash cans are put in places that make it hard to reach towels when in a restroom. I won't even go into the rude people who think they can just cut in front of you because you can't get at them to bonk their heads. I was so protective of my feet hoping that no one would accidently bump them. Kids can't help if they aren't taught to be careful around the handicapped. This one little girl was constantly bopping around me in the restroom. I thought, for a moment, she was going to land in my lap. ai yi yi! I must say that the majority of people were very courteous. Opening doors, allowing me to go ahead etc. One teenager picked up a trash can in the restroom and held it so I could get by. There are nice people.