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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Longing to wear regular things

We had a great day yesterday. We drove to Michigan City and went to the outlet mall. I went to Geoffrey Beene and loaded clothes into the dressing room. I knew that once I took off these cumbersome surgical boots I didn't want to have to get dressed again to pick out more things. I was at this store a long time. Stacy and my niece visited all over the place and I was still in that one store! I got a couple of good buys. I'm pretty happy with my purchases. I got a very comfy jogging suit. Dh doesn't like to see me in jogging suits. He thinks they make me look frumpy. Oh well, it is comfy and I'm tired of rotating between the same two pair of jeans because my work slacks wont go over these boots. I have caved and worn my work pants a few times but I have to tuck them into my boots and then I feel like my surgical boots are that much more obvious. Not that you can miss them when I wear jeans but I guess in my mind it looks better. I wore narrow leg pants that had to be tucked into my boots when we went to the casino last evening and I felt like I had on riding crops. Ugh.