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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Card Club

Aw! Take a look at Drew's picture in my sidebar. That is his new baby's foot. Being up against his hand makes it possible to see how tiny her foot is. That is such a great picture.

(scroll down for picture) Last night I had the girls over for card club. It was fun having it in the lodge room. That room is so big that I was able to have both tables in there. I hate missing any conversation!

I served apple dumplings. They came from our local bakery. They were so good. The apples were sliced with an apple corer. The corer cuts the apple into spirals. There was just enough cinnamon to make them taste yummy. I added vanilla ice cream to each dish. It was vanilla bean flavored and even though it was the cheaper, store brand, it tasted really good. Dessert was a hit!

We were able to see our cards because hubby put up a new light over the table.


Lynne said...

That light looks really nice! Reminds me of the lighting we installed in our previous house.

Drew said...

Glad you like the photo. I got to feed Eva for the first time tonight. She was so good. I love her so much.

AOV Philippines Outsourcing Service said...

I like the place :) Indeed looks like a great place to play