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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Improve Your Picture

I had an unusual experience yesterday. I was in the fabric store and a lady walked in and was asking the clerk for help. I didn't hear what she was saying until the clerk spoke to her mother. Her mother was waiting on me. It seems as though, the lady was looking for a way to make something out of a picture. I didn't want to appear nosey but I suggested she check online. I got her email address and today I sent her a link to is a wonderful website for working with pictures. Their site allows anyone to do simple things like remove red-eye from a photo. It also allows more involved editing. It is possible to enhance images in ways that make teeth whiter, skin more even and make a body look slimmer! That slimmer part is the one I am interested in.

At, you can improve on a picture. It is possible to smooth out skin and remove blemishes! High-quality digital enhancing can turn a crappy picture into one that can be displayed with pride. The team of professionals at are trained to work with photos. They have experience with airbrushing and retouching techniques that make a work of art out of a poor quality picture. It is amazing. The best part about this great photo enhancement service is that it is very affordable!

I have a dorky picture that my husband insists on hanging in our family room. I am holding a big fish. I look so dorky and I have on big 1970 glasses frames. I would love to have those glasses removed from the picture. I am checking to see if they can do that at


"Myspace Codes" or Myspace said...
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This Week On said...

This is a great service...great to know especially with all the holiday photos and picture takings coming up!