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Monday, January 8, 2007

Is Gateway Good?

Ok, because I have been writing advertising posts for PayPerPost I have earned over $500.00. I am saving to buy a laptop. I see that there is a new windows package out there. I think it was called Vista. I'll check on the name later. I just hope that in a few months when I have the money saved, they have all the bugs worked out of the new browser because it is not easy for me to learn new ways. I only have so much time to get things done and I am impatient. If anyone has any recommendations on laptops, let me know. I am leaning towards a Gateway that I saw at BestBuy. A gal who I chat with online says they have really improved their customer service vs Dell who is horrible to get ahold of when you have a problem. I have to be able to get help. The only tech in this area that will come to my home business charges $60 and then so much per hour over that. I don't know if that is reasonable. It is probably fair but I don't want to lay out money if I can get a good laptop with great customer service.