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Friday, June 29, 2007

Mill City Press Publishes for Authors

I know a few people who are great writers. I love to read the things they write. I try to encourage them to send their things to a publisher but they are apprehensive. I didn't understand why until I started looking into the problem. It seems that publishing companies make the money while the author only makes a small amount. If an author happens to have best seller, then the author can make a lot of money. That is not the norm. Often there are more small time authors who write great books. Books that we never get to read because they don't want to lose their one chance at the big time offer.

Authors need to check out Mill City Press has set out to change things. The want the author to be the one making money from their creation. They strive to charge a fair price to publish the book. They also charge a reasonable price to list the author's book so the public can purchase it.

We all benefit from such a generous company. The author makes 100% of the royalties for their creation and the public gets to enjoy reading their book!

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Layouts said...

great post, thank you so much! added it to my favorites for whenever i finish my future book...