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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Doctors Learn How to Be Better

While standing outside the license bureau this morning I listened to several ladies as we all waited for the doors to open. These ladies were talking about the health care they received. One lady was standing with support hose on her legs and a brace supporting her neck. She had suffered a stroke. She felt like she didn't get good treatment from our local hospital. The doctors and nurses were so busy that she wasn't attended to immediately. Perhaps she would have had a better outcome if she hadn't been made to wait. She won't ever know what could have been. She only knows the agony of therapy she goes through everyday to try and get back her mobility.

BizRx, a new service at that launches today, addresses common points of pain faced by busy doctors in the areas of business, practice management, patient relations, personal finance and much more. Some of our best doctors are not good business managers. BizRx addresses that issue. By watching short podcast, they can learn valuable information that is easy to implement in their practice. It is free for the taking! This program is going to be talked about in all the doctor circles. That is because it is going to change things.

We, as patients will all benefit from doctors who learn from professionals who can only help them improve how they run their practices. These podcasts are short. That gives the busy doctor a lot of information in a short amount of time.The first interview is with Linda Mounce of Alliance Bank who specializes in doctor deals. Future interviews will be with experts on surviving medical malpractice suits, succession planning for a doctor’s practice, the development and operation of physician-owned outpatient surgery centers – and much more. The time has come for changes to be made.