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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Free Web Hosting

Wow! This is something you don't hear of. Easy CGI is offering a super summer blowout. 1 full year of free web hosting. I am one who checks things out because I hate ending up stuck with something that doesn't work like I want. I know it sounds too good to be true so let's check it out.

I am at the website and I see that they offer access to some of the Internet's commonly used tools such as DotNetNuke, OSCommerce, and Community Server. That is all good. Let's check out their customer service. Ok, it says they are available 24/7. Oh! A Live Chat box popped up and wanted to know if I needed help. Wow!

They have 3 packages to choose from so that means I will fit in there somewhere. The more bandwidth needed the more specialty package you need to pick. They even offer Web traffic reports. The tutorials look easy to follow. They offer their One Step Script Installation Tool to install some the Internet's most popular applications. That about covers it. Reliability, speed, program with enough space and customer service if I get stuck.

It looks like they want customers! Check it out and get in on this great deal before they realize what they are doing and put an end to it!

Let's let everyone know about this and give it a DiGG!

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