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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Must Get Back to the Caribbean

It has been a long time since hubby and I went to the Caribbean. I wish I had known about Caribbean Guide then because I think we would have had even more fun with the information I've been finding at their website. We had a great time on our trip while basking in the sun and eating the wonderful food. Now, I see that there are many things we should have checked out that we didn't know existed.

Everyone I know is aware of the beautiful black and pink sand that is on the beaches of the Caribbean. The water with its crystal blue transparency is what makes diving in the area the best in the world. I was very happy just staying on the beach and in the water during our trip.

There is more to the Caribbean. The islands each offer their own unique wildlife and beautiful plants for travelers who spend a bit of time inland. If I could go back, I would search out the trails and discover all the nature of the islands. The natural beauty is something that I'm sure I would enjoy.

The architecture and history of the islands would be of great interest to hubby. With sights ranging from British naval yards to Spanish cathedrals, and forts on many of the islands, those interested in colonial history will certainly find something fascinating to search out.

The culture of the native tribes who made their homes on the island would be very interesting to check out. Their influences can be found in everything from island names to important ruins, like the Mayan ruins in Mexico.

There is quite a bit more to the Caribbean than we explored. We will have to go back.

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