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Friday, July 6, 2007

Horrific Accident

I read on CNN online that a little 6 year old girl has been hospitalized after a horrific accident at a swimming pool.

Abigail Taylor was severely injured Tuesday when she sat over an open drain hole in a wading pool at the Minneapolis Golf Club. According to a posting by her family on the Caring Bridge Web site, the drain's powerful suction tore out part of her intestinal tract, and a surgeon told the family that part of her intestines had been lost.

I had no idea this could even happen.


Lynne said...

I heard that same headline. It was actually the headline on AOL news yesterday. Absolutely horrible.

Emily said...

Oh, that's terrible! Life is so fragile; so predictable for so long and then wham! It's changed forever. These things are especially heart wrenching when they happen to children.

Mark@CreditCards said...

I've heard of this happening before, if you can believe that! Such a tragedy, I wonder if a large lawsuit will come out of it.

Kate said...

It's such an awful story, but so brave of her to ask if she'd be on the news. If it weren't for the coverage, I'd never have known this could happen. Glad they got the word out to warn more parents. I just wish that sweet little girl didn't have a lifelong problem as a result of this tragedy.