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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Let Kids Be Kids

Does it seem like school is starting earlier each year? Our public schools begin on August 10th. I think it is crazy. Kids need time to be kids. The legislators put guidelines into laws that our schools must obey. The teachers in our public schools are bogged down with trying to teach our children so that they will be able to pass the Istep tests. They don't have time to work with kids one on one. There are no funds for tutors who can take a child aside and help them. Score learning centers provide reading tutors who can help a child catch up. I wish the politicians would stick with things like why ducks fly south. They should let our kids be kids.

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kevin said...

after reading so many blogs I feel like I need to get tudoring

Cade@BusinessOpportunity said...

I agree with you. I think that not only is school longer, but they expect kids to devote 16 hours a day to school and after school activities because that is what colleges want to see on transcripts. Crazy. Kids are becoming slaves early on in their lives. It is like our society is preparing them young to take away from their life and enjoyment. Yikes.