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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Voice Messaging System

Vontoo voice messaging is being used by many businesses to make it easier to keep in contact. Instead of playing phone tag, this service allows you to set up features that make contacting others a cinch! Vontoo voice messaging is basically a Do-it-Yourself Technology. You do not have to buy software to use the service. It is very easy to set up your own unique message and have callers leave a message.
Vontoo enables organizations to create, send, and track voice messages to people who want to hear from them. Why is this better than email? The reason is that it personalizes the call. Voice inflection is recognized where it can't be heard in an email. Hearing the enthusiasm in your voice makes your voice message feel more receptive to a caller. Why is this better than using snail mail? Have you thought about the cost of stamps lately? Forty-two cents. That's the answer.

You know that if big stars like country western singer, Dierks Bentley use Vontoo, it must be a good thing! Yep, almost 15,000 Dierks Bentley fans received phone calls from the platinum selling recording artist on the street date of his new album release. Can you imagine? That would be so exciting to know you were special enough to get a heads up before anyone else! Vontoo allows that type mass calling and makes it easy.
Check out Vontoo and see how easy it can make your life!