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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Win A Trip to Hollywood

When it comes to our vehicles, we only want the best service. That is why we rely on AAMCO for quality service. They have been around for years and I know that it is because of their dedication to quality service and their commitment to their customers.

AAMCO is offering a fun Drive Hard / Die Hard Hollywood promotion. I would love to win the chance to win a four-day trip to Hollywood and spend a day with the Live Free or Die Hard movie stunt man. I entered my name on the website that tells about the promotion so I sure hope I'm the one they pick! I'd love to learn how they do all the stunts and how they make it look so easy. I want to find out what they do to stay in shape and how they deal with injuries. A trip to Hollywood sounds like a lot of fun!

AAMCO offers great deals on their services. They offer free towing when you need a major repair. That will save you a ton of money! All of their technicians are certified so you can be sure you will receive the best work on your car. They have over 800 locations in the US and Canada.

Check out AAMCO and sign up for a chance to win a trip to Hollywood!