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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Live Free or Die Hard

Today, Taryn and Stacy went with me to run a few errands. I returned dishes to my sister in-law that I didn't want to have sitting around my house all winter. They go to Arizona in the winter and if I didn't get her dishes (that she brought food over in for Thanksgiving dinner) back, they would be put out of sight until spring.

We also got some ribbon to finish a purse I made. I made 2 purses this weekend and I got mom's and my snowman wall hangings ready to put on the binding.

We watched Live Free or Die Hard tonight. It was very good. I am leery of Bruce Willis movies because I usually don't like them. This one was action packed and had a lot of humor in it.


valmg said...

You just reminded me I forgot to give my sister in law back two dishes of hers that have been here since October.