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Friday, November 16, 2007

Cool Stuff Express

My kids are getting to the age where they want the "really cool stuff." They pick out their own clothes. I have attempted to buy clothes for them but I never get it quite right. They aren't that particular but they know what they like. I think something looks the same as what they have picked before but there is a small detail that makes the difference. So, I don't even go that route any longer. I would rather look for "really cool stuff."

There is an online site where everything they have is "really cool stuff." At Cool Stuff Express, they have everything from plasma disks to sand hourglass timers. Plasma disks produce the beautiful lighting effects that we have seen at cool clubs. My kids would love to have one to enjoy when they have their friends over. These disks create awesome lighting effects by carefully combining a mixture of specialized gasses. At the Cool Stuff Express website, I read;

These gasses control the color and effect of the electrical discharge of the plasma effect. By creating a special formulated mixture of argon, krypton, xenon, helium, neon and other inert gases, the effect of a plasma globe is created. This is then sealed typically in a solid clear glass globe.

They have science kits that enable you to learn about space and stars. They are great educational tools to learn about dinosaurs and solar power.This site has all that fun & cool and unusual stuff that you see in museum gift shops. Now you can order that cool stuff online.

There are all sorts of fun things at Cool Stuff Express. There are very funny hitch critters like a bass that shows everyone that you love to fish. There is even a bad dog that looks like it is attacking your hitch. LOL You can add a light to the critter and make your vehicle safer!

Cool Stuff Express is going to help me get my grown kids something that they will truly love for Christmas.


So Listen To This said...

This store would be great for my newphew ... he would just love this sort of stuff!!