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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Personalized Gift Cards

Oh wow! The stores were crowded today. Lynn dropped me off at one store because he couldn't find a place to park. I tried to get in and out but the lines at the checkout were long. Everyone seemed happy and helpful. I hope that doesn't change the closer to Christmas we get. I am convinced that gift cards are the way to go.

Why search and search for the perfect gift just to find that it doesn't fit or isn't the right color? You can put a picture on the gift cards from and personalize them! These cards are better received than anything you could buy at a brick and mortar store. Gift Certificate's from are special because you can make them fit the occasion. Take a picture of your sister's new baby and put it on a gift card. Can you imagine the smile she will have when she opens that envelope? You might decide to find a sentimental picture of you and your grandmother. A gift card with that picture will be special!

Do yourself a favor, order gift cards from Aren't you glad I saved you from having to enter a mall?


Ellen said...

I agree that gift cards are the only way to go. I usually give them and the recipient always likes them. I always get at least one for Christmas each year and I love it.
Happy Holidays

Pegmeister said...

Our family is so huge (8 children, plus spouses, and 21 grandchildren and two coming in the near future) that we always use either gift cards or cash. I have spent so much time and effort buying gifts for everyone but with 30 plus people I'm bound to get the wrong size or style or something. Our kids look forward to the money.