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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wouldn't you feel good about yourself if you knew that every time you bought a book, your purchase would fund literacy programs around the world and create jobs with health care in Mishawaka, Indiana? is not in business for monetary profit. They are concerned that their sales result in social, environmental, and economic "profits".

This online bookstore has an actual inventory. In fact, they have over two million used books. The shipping is free so don't have to worry about that expense. The shipping fee to international customers is minimal. is the first online bookstore with mandatory Carbon Neutral Shipping. This is to offset the global warming pollution produced in shipping a book. It only adds 2-5 cents per book. This company is trying to help the world in a lot of ways! has raised over $2 Million for literacy. They have funded many worthwhile scholarship programs and are involved in getting books to people. They have been involved in rebuilding the New Orleans Public Library.

This is a company I want to give my business. Buying my books is going to help people when I buy them through


Theresa111 said...

Karen, Do you know if I could send books to them as a donation?

Please leave reply in my shout box. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm greatly intrigued by this store. Any idea when they started? Just so I can cry at the amount of business I've given amazon or others since, and this when this store ships for virtually nothing even to India where no one else wants to send used books - the cheapest and the only affordable ones with my third world currency.

Alberto Farina said...

Does this website still work? I bought a bunch of books about a month ago and they arrived alright. Then I tried to place another order recently and I can't go over a website error saying: "There's an error with this transaction. Please enter your state in the billing address. (10711); Internal Error (10001)"

Of course, I did enter the state in the proper form. I wrote them to inquire but they were evasive, then admitted to having server problems. Still, a week or so later it still does not work.

I love this website, it sucks it's not working anymore. Anyone who was able to order from them recently? If so, please drop me a note at - thanks!