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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

PayPerPost Secures $7 Million Dollars

PayPerPost lets no dust settle! They are going to be so big that it is unfathomable. I am so excited to be part of a revolution! Yes, PayPerPost is exceeding all my expectations! They are going to be so big that it is unfathomable. TedMurphy, the guy in the picture and the CEO of PayPerPost, just secured $7 million dollars in venture capital money! That money is going to allow him to expand and put into place everything he can dream up to make PayPerPost desirable to advertisers and the most popular way to advertise.

The more advertisers we get that want us Posties to write ads for them the better it will be. There will be enough ads for all of us to write. As PayPerPost gets more popular in the advertising world, the cost of an ad will increase and that means we Posties will make more money for each ad we write!

Woo hoo! Thanks Ted for using money to make more money! I love making money by writing ads for advertisers who use PayPerPost!