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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Different Cultures

I have always been interested in different cultures. I find that the different foods are fabulous. The deep rich flavor of the sauces is so different than anything I can come up with in my kitchen. I suppose I don't know how to use just the right amount of curry or marjoram that I suspect is in the oriental dishes I have tried.

Another part of different cultures that I like to explore is the writing of different languages. This is my name in Arabic. I think it is beautiful

The traditional dress of other countries is something to see. While many countries have adopted the western way of dressing, many citizens prefer their cultural way of dress. Sarois, sp? and sarongs are fashioned out of the most exquisite fabric you can imagine. I can't imagine picking from the brocades available in most foreign countries. Our cottons don't hold a candle to what is available.


Billiga Flygresor said...


I read about your opinion on different cultures.
Its really a fascinating thing to explore different cultures.Especially it is interesting to know about there eating habits.
The way of life.The way of dressing sense.Its really great.But many are copying the western trends.Great post.