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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Great News Site

I spend so much time at my job that I feel like I am behind on what is happening in the world. Owning your own business has many advantages. I can do my laundry while waiting for a customer to walk into our store. I can pick and choose the products we sell. On the downside, I am always working. In the evening, I work on price lists and updates. I make fewer mistakes when the phone isn't interrupting me. I rarely watch the national news to know what is going on from day to day.

I was wondering about the war in Iraq and went to a great personalized news website. It is called The unique thing about as compared to other newsites is a sophisticated algorithm. As I read and search for things that interest me, discovers my interests and tailors the stories to my individual tastes. Every Thoof reader will see a personalized page with stories he or she will find interesting. All that you, as a reader, have to do is simply read what you like, and Thoof takes care of the rest! Isn't that amazing?

When I searched about the Iraq war, I came across an interesting article that told of how Colin Powell tried to talk President Bush out of becoming involved in the war. It was so interesting. The language was down to earth so I felt like I was reading a story that wasn't over my head in knowledge.

This site will be one to save in your favorites.