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Friday, July 13, 2007

Evening Events

Last night's rain was the weirdest thing. We could look out the west windows of our sunroom and see the rain pouring down. When we looked out the north windows, it wasn't raining at all! It was so strange looking.

Elsie killed a baby bunny last night. I think she tries to play with them but she is rough. Her jaws are very strong. When she plays with me I can feel the strength as she tries to bend my finger while playing. The poor bunny went into spasms and started doing backflips across the yard. I had never seen such a thing. Unfortunately it died. It was an eerie feeling to watch something breath it's last breath. The poor thing.

I think I backed up my database on my own domain blog. I don't know how to tell if it worked. I'll probably be searching all day to find information. Ugh. If anyone uses iPower as their host and has their domain there AND would be willing to help me, I sure would appreciate some help.


Lynne said...

Our neighbors dog caught a baby bunny & the same thing happened. It was so sad and the lady brought it to me for help! Thanks alot! I wrapped it in a towel and just tried to make it comfortable before it died.

CyberCelt said...

It so embarrassing when our animals eat other people's pets. But it is just in their blood.

I had neighbors that raised rabbits to eat, but they had one that wore a ribbon and a bell. My dog ate them all. The ones she could not get to died of fright.

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