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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Earning While Blogging

I have found a great way to earn some extra money! I love to write on my blog and whenever I find great new things that I like, I want to let my readers know about them. If I find a bit of news that is interesting, I want to share it. Advertisers are trying to find ways to get the news out about their products. Blogvertise has joined with advertisers to pay bloggers for telling about their products and services! I am affiliated with Blogvertise and hope to begin getting paid to talk about stuff!


Michael said...

Thats cool i just signed up for blogvertise also. They don't have any reviews available yet though for me.

Greenearth said...

I do hope you do well with Blogvertise and thanks so much for letting me know about being `Blog of the Day'. It was an uplifting moment.

J said...

Any advice for a new blogger? workout Thanks!

April said...

I've also signed up but have only received a few offers. A little bit disappointing although hopefully with the changes they're making, things will improve.