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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Darn Toy Suppliers and Mfgs.

I am very concerned about all these toy recalls. Fisher Price has issued recalls on some of their toys because they were manufactured with lead paint. Now I read, in our local paper, that Mattel has to recall some toys too. All were manufactured in China but by different manufacturers. Did they just now catch them using lead paint or did they just start using lead paint? Did the paint supplier just start adding lead to the paint? I have questions.

I purchased a baby shower gift at Walmart last night. It was made by Fisher Price. Can I be sure that this toy is ok?


cybercelt said...

I would take it back and purchase something else, made in the USA. Lead is bad stuff.

Lynne said...

Chances are it was made in China. If it was, I'd go to the Fisher Price website and check for a recall listing.