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Sunday, August 5, 2007

My Writing

You may have noticed that I write about things that impress me and about things that I want others to know about. I get paid to write some of these posts. I try to maintain an honest view on those products. Since an advertiser is paying for a write up, I'm sure that they wouldn't like it if I said negative things about their company and product.

That is why I only choose products for which I can give a positive review. Some things I am not knowledgeable of but if I can learn about them and incorporate their value into something in my life, I write a post about it. For instance, I have never been to Tuscany, Italy. I wrote an article about how I would love to go to Tuscany and visit the mountains and see the country. I don't know much about computer software. If I am asked to write about a piece of software and I can find out how it works and what benefit it could afford my business I write that.

It is fun to write and learn about new things. I'm amazed about how much more I know about different subjects as compared to a year ago. I have learned about different types of mortgages. I have expressed my feelings about the dangers of debt. I've even written about dating services! Who knew there were so many different types!

It is fun to grow.