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Friday, September 21, 2007

Customer Smelled

I heard the oddest comment from a customer today. She asked me if we have a dog. I said that we do. She was in the back room of our store and was looking at the vinyl samples. She said our store smelled like dog urine! I was so shocked. I am so careful about things like that. Poor Brodie gets a bath so much! When I think back on her saying that I know what she was smelling. When you walk into our store you can smell the vinyl. When she was flipping through the vinyl display she was smelling vinyl. It does have a certain odor. I wish I would have thought to tell her that it was the vinyl she was smelling. I hate to think she thinks our store stinks. LOL


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh the poor doggie getting the blame!

smiles, bee

costa rica real estate mujer said...

maybe you should put a warning near the vinyl saying that "vinyl may smell like dog pee.." so that customers won't put the blame to your dog

Barry Cox said...

I would LOL if I was in your store and saw that sign hung by the vinyl.