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Friday, September 21, 2007

I Need Another Dell Printer

My friend and I have so many things at our scrapbook house that we are trying to use each one at least once. There are some things that we can't even remember how to utilize. We saw them used in a class but have since forgotten what they were for. We are trying to get better at using the stuff we have.

Our journaling would get done if we could find a cheap printer to set up in the Scrap Shack. If we could journal as soon as we got our page done, I think it would get done. The idea we had for the page is still fresh in our mind and we can get that journaling printed out. I usually come home to journal by using my printer scanner copier all in one printer from Dell. I love it because it is so simple. That is what I would really like to have at the Scrap Shack.