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Friday, September 21, 2007


When my card group meets, we play Euchre. I had never heard of this game until I moved here to Indiana. My husband's family loves to play Euchre. I enjoy the game too.

We play Euchre with four people. We partner with the person sitting across from us. Twenty four cards are dealt that include each suit in the 9's 10's and all the face cards. Each player receives five cards and the cards are dealt starting with the player on the left and going around clockwise to each player.

I just read the rules in Wikipedia and they say you are to deal two cards at a time and then three cards at a time. It is against the rules to deal one card at a time. Good thing that I deal the way I am supposed to! I didn't know there was a rule. I just found it easier to deal that way.

There will be four cards left after dealing and these are referred to as the "kitty." The top card of the kitty is turned over and that is the card that is to be considered when each player takes his or her turn and saying what they want trump to be.

For goodness sake! This explanation is making me want to get the cards out and play me some Euchre!

After trump is determined, play starts with the person on the dealer's left. The point is to deal something that will draw out everyone's trump cards. The highest card played wins the play unless they play the highest trump card. Jacks are always the highest trump with the determination of the high jack being the one that is what was made trump. Got that? LOL

Each play is made until no one has any cards. The player with the most tricks, wins of each hand, is whose team wins that round. Fun!