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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


If you know that our daughter is home then you know we have been watching movies! We have watched Drew Barrymore in Ever After and Nicholas Cage in Next. Last night, we went to the theater and saw Enchanted. It was an adorable movie. I recommend it to everyone. Your kids will love it. Your husbands will tolerate it. The story is about a fairytale princess from the past who is thrust into present-day by an evil queen.

Susan Sarandon makes a believable evil queen. It was fun to watch her in this part. I'll bet she had so much fun with the role. The costume she wore was amazing! You will have to check out the shoes. Amy Adams, the actress who played Giselle, has the most beautiful skin. Looking at her made me want to go home and get out all my cleansing products!


Lynne said...

T & I really liked Enchanted too!