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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Ice In The Midwest

I took Stacy to the airport and I got her there on time! Yay!(Yay about getting her there on time, not on her leaving.) This has been a problem. LOL So, I am about 40 minutes away and she calls to let me know she is on the plane and they said they will depart in an hour. What the heck! Why do they have to get them on the plane and then tell them? My mom said it is because they can push the airplane back and the FAA considers that they left on time. That stinks.

I think the reason the flight was delayed was because of the icy runway. The roads began to get very icy as I drove home. There was an accident that had traffic backed up. I took a country road detour and avoided the mess. I had to go very slow because my car fishtailed every time I tried to go faster. I crossed a bridge and the back end of my car started to go around. That is an awful feeling.


Lynne said...

I hate the airlines! I'd rather sit in the waiting area than sit on the plane.
Glad you made it home safely.

Pegmeister said...

I was about to ask you which sister when you said it was Grace. Thanksgiving surprises are pretty fun alright. And it's almost a given that we will have enough food. I was sick for two weeks afterward, as usual! I am so glad to be back again, and feeling well.

Pegmeister said...

I was just reading Lynne's comment. I would rather sit in the waiting room too, but for some reason my mind does a tricky thing and thinks as long as I'm on the plane that things are moving ahead nicely. Now always! I'm glad you made it home safely too.