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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Credit Cards

I think that the general plan for credit cards was to make people safer because they didn't have to carry cash. Cash is much more disposable to a robber and so that is what they want. The mindset of using a credit card has to be one of caution. I find it too easy to not take into account the cost of something because I can pay with a credit card. If I did not have that option I may wait and then find out I didn't really want the item after all. Many people can handle credit cards and not have a problem. I wish I could be that way. The only way to stop me from using the card is to keep me out of the store. We didn't have a card for many years. It was hard to get credit without one. We thought it would be good to have in case of an emergency and so after using resources to compare credit cards, we signed up for one. Unfortunately my emergencies come in Small, Medium, or Large. We thought reward credit cards were a good thing until our balance skyrocketed and we looked around to find a low interest card to make a zero balance transfer transaction. Many people are fine with credit cards. I am not. This is a sponsored post