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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

New Orleans Rights

The National Rifle Association of America finally received a check from New Orleans City Attorney Joseph Vincent DiRosa, Jr. who was ordered to pay partial legal fees and costs to NRA's attorneys for expenses incurred. Mr. DiRosa's has been dragging his feet in what Federal District Court Judge Carl Barbier called an unprofessional manner..

The NRA is fighting the City of New Orleans for the return of the wrongfully and illegally confiscated firearms to their rightful owners.

Every ruling thus far by the courts has reinforced the fact that the Second Amendment applies to all law-abiding Americans, including law-abiding residents of the City of New Orleans.

This is in direct contradiction to the absurd claims made by the Nagin Administration that the Second Amendment somehow did not apply in New Orleans.

Go NRA. At least some of dh's dues will go to help New Orleans citizens.