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Friday, March 9, 2007


When I want to do a search for something I am going to do it from the Winzy site. Winzy is a site where I can not only search the web, but I can play free online games. There is a box with winner's names and what they have won. I am hoping to Search and Win so I see my name in there soon. Winzy has given away thousands of prizes. I see where a woman from Massachusettes just won an Apple ipod shuffle. Other give aways include, iPod Nanos, the Nintendo Wii, Xboxes, Amazon Gift Certificates, iTunes Gift Certificates, and even large cash prizes. It doesn't improve my chances of winning by searching for things all day so this isn't going to be a big time hogger. I can just use Winzy to surf the web as I normally would. When you register you can play games. Their Deal or No Deal game is so much fun. Their site is entirely free. Their money is made through sponsored results on its search engine. It's going to be so much fun to win! Post Sponsored by Winzy.