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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Glenn D. Glasgow, a new artist

I admire artists. They have the ability to show what is in their hearts. I suppose that I show my feelings through my scrapbook pages and the quilts I create but I envy those with the talent to paint. I love to look at art attributed to glenn glasgow. Glenn D. Glasgow was born in the British West Indies; his passion includes writing short stories, painting and writing poetry. I love Glenn Glasgow's artwork like this.

Just read what that says! I should take that saying and try to remember it every day. He has the ability to take simple things and make them memorable. His Book 'OurMarket,' looks at the lives and situation facing America today. What amazes me is that those situations are looked at through the eyes of fruits, and insects! Now, who would have thought to do that! I want to check out and get that book ordered. I have to see how he did that.

He has been recognized by the international society of poets for outstanding achievement in poetry. His book ‘Phzed,’ looks at the construction of Noah’s ark, the pyramids of Giza, and Stonehenge, through the eyes of the tools that built them. This new artist is simply amazing.
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