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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Small Town Service

We are so lucky to live in a small town. The other day, my husband called to local lawncare dealership and asked about getting our riding lawn mower looked at. He needed the blades sharpened and the engine looked over to see what maintenance it needed. At the price we paid for it, it needs attention to make sure it runs for a really long time. It is one of those that has a zero degree radius turn capability that makes mowing so much easier. It cuts down on hubby's mowing time by an hour. We mow 3 acres. The dealership came and picked up the mower, serviced it and brought it back! Where do you get treated like that? I love it when this guy comes because he always has his 96 year old mother ride along with him in the truck. She is the nicest person. We have done a lot of work in her home. I just love it that her son treats her like a queen.


Sarakastic said...

this is a perfect example of why it rocks to live in a small town, thanks for reminding me