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Friday, July 20, 2007


I love the fact that my kids still enjoy going on vacation with us. When we picked Stacy up from boot camp a couple of years ago, we made some stops to make the trip fun. Well, we actually had to stop a few places because we were all crammed into our PT Cruiser. We had all of Stacy's things from boot camp, our suitcases, 3 laptops and all sorts of music paraphernalia. LOL Stopping had to be on the agenda.

We stopped in Pittsburgh to visit the Hard Rock cafe so Greg could add to his glass collection. While we were there, the kids found one of those old fashioned smash your penny machines where you turn the crank and it smashes your penny. The one they used produced an elongated coin that had an imprint of the skyline of Pittsburgh on it. It was fun and they each have their coin to remember their trip.