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Monday, September 24, 2007

Achetez Votre Ordinateur Chez Dell

I have been telling everyone I know that they need to get a Dell Computer. You should hear all the people on the boards I chat on. They love their Dell Computers. I thought it would be fun to show you how the French order their Dell desktops. "Offres pour l'entreprise." I don't know what that means but that is the most beautiful language! If people in France are smart and getting their Dell computer, what are you waiting for? Dell offers great support and technical service. Their machines are well built and you can add to them. They have laptops as well as desktop pc's. I think you need one of each! Dude! You need a Dell.


onlinexcasinos said...

I have a stupid Compaq Presario!
I say stupid cuz the battery charger get broke after 1 year and you can replace it just buying another one original that cost 200 dollars!!! I can almost buy a brand New Computer and who knows probably a Dell!!