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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cute, Cuddly Bear

Tonight, when I drove in the driveway, there was a little black and white dog sitting in the front yard. My heart did a flip flop. Brodie had gotten out and Lynn didn't realize he was missing. I am so thankful he didn't go down to the road.

I swear, it would be much easier to have a cute little Alpaca Direct Teddy Bear. They are soft and cuddly and stay where you put them!


Happy Blogger said...

The stuffed animals are much easier to take care of. We have stuffed dogs on our bed and the problem is they keep walking off - with the grandkids that is.

I was reading my blog and saw that you had left a comment about your friends husband who is gluten-free. It is really hard in so many ways, because ever though I buy foods I can eat from Natural Food Stores, and the web, I have to eat in restaurants like we did on our recent vacation. There were times I remembered to ask for no salt, but forgot most of the time and I spent the entire trip deaf. That's a different problem than the gluten one. I also have Meniere's disease. Peggy