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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Squeaky Clean

My hubby gets to have his teeth cleaned at the dentist office this morning. I love to have that done. He hates it. He says he always feel like they are sandblasting inside his mouth. Hmmm

I like that he will come home with a new toothbrush. I won't say it is free because for $80 to have your teeth cleaned I think you paid for that new brush.

Many people are buying those toothbrushes with the big heads. I don't see how they can get into the very back of their teeth with that kind of brush. I like a thin, soft bristled brush that can get into those little crevices. I'm a stickler on having clean teeth.


Laura said...

What I really would love to do is teeth whitening, but it's a little expensive for my pocket and for know I'm happy that I finished my teeth fixing. I should have a teeth cleaning will have to wait till I have some money to spend on that.
Regarding the new it a special type?

Amanda said...

I know, there is no way I could use one of those large headed brushes. I love getting my teeth cleaned. (that sounds weird huh? lol)