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Friday, April 20, 2007

Accomplishing Something

I finally found a drink that I like at Starbucks. It is the vanilla bean frappaccino. It is yummy and probably has 1000 calories. Oh well, I have eaten horrible this week so what's another 1000 calories?

Today I made a trashbag/pin cushion for my mom's sewing table. It is cute! It is a little cloth bag that is connected to a pin cushion. The pin cushion has sand in it so it is very heavy. It is very handy to have when you sew. It took me all afternoon to make!

We had to make another trip to the fabric store this evening. We had coupons that were ready to expire! LOL We can't stand to let them go to waste. Joanne Fabric has a lot of their wall hangings and nick nack type stuff from 50% to 70% off. I have to remember to never buy anything there before the season. It just kills me to see something selling for half the price I paid for it right before a holiday. Grrrr.