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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Easier Way to Favorite Blogs to Technorati

We have all been trying to save blogs that we enjoy reading. At Technorati you can have them all in one place. That makes it so much easier to see who has updated. The trouble for me has been taking the time to add those who have favorited me to my favorites. This has been made so much simpler. Over at engtech blog is a program that you can put on your desktop. Run it whenever you want to, preferably a couple times a week, and those who have favorited you are added! Woo Hoo!Commenting and making friends with other bloggers increases our page ranks and enables us to make money on the internet. For me, when my page rank goes up, I will have more opportunities to write ads for PayPerPost.


Lisa said...

This is awesome. I ran it last night