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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Big Web Links Directory

We all hope that when someone puts in our blog name into a search that it comes up in the number one spot. We hope that at least it will be on the first page. There are thousands of web directories on the Internet. You can submit to one, and end up on page 10 of results, where no one will see it and you will have little if any link value. Big Web Links Directory has a new concept to help bloggers and web ecommerce sites get on that front page. On their directory you bid for placement. Instead of sorting listings by popularity, page rank, or alphabetically, the listings with Big Web Links are sorted by the bid amount. Control is maintained by bid amount. This concept works with the idea that the money invested to get a good spot will bring a bigger return because of the placement where others will see the site and use it will be the best a good bid can buy.

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