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Thursday, May 3, 2007

The the Next one is THE One

I have the type of personality where I just know if I try one more time, it will work. I know that I shouldn't gamble because I could keep trying to win and lose everything. I am that way with fishing. It is a good thing that hubby is in charge of the motor because I always think that the next cast will catch the big one. I let my bait drag in the water just in case that big fish wants a bite. When he bites I will catch him. Then I will tell hubby, "See, if we would have waited, that fish wouldn't have had to swim so fast and hard to get his dinner."


Cynthia Blue said...

I hear ya. I can be that way too. In dog sports, mainly agility... I've said before and I'll say again, it's like gambling. Sure it is also skill, but you can't control everything. So I usually feel like 'just one more run, just one more run...', like, if I pull that darn handle on the slot machine ONE MORE TIME, I'll get it!