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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New Celebrity Gossip Site

For all of you celebrity gossip junkies, there is a new website where you can get all the latest news! Celebrity Gossip has the latest hollywood gossip about the people you love to keep tabs on. I don't know how they do it but they already have the news about Julia Robert's new baby!

This site looks like it is going to be informative as well as a lot of fun. They have forums where you will be able to make friends with other fans. Won't that be fun to get together with other people who are crazy about the celebs the way you are? LOL

Celebrity Gossip is dedicated to being the best source of juicy gossip, scandals rumors, speculation, opinions, assumptions, and even factual information about all of the celebrities! I love the way the site is set up. They have a page that lists all the hottest celebrities so you can choose who you want to read about instead of reading through page after page to get to your favorite.

It is free to register at the site. When you register, you receive points. I haven't discovered what to do with the points yet but I will. I'm sure it is for fan memorabilia or something extra fun!

Check out Celebrity Gossip's new website and get caught up on all the juicy gossip!