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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I Love Ice Cream

Do you have a favorite flavor of ice cream? Mine is mint chocolate chip. A waffle cone makes it even better. When we were in Michigan City a few weeks ago I had a wonderful flavor called vanilla cherry swirl. It was pretty good. I don't think I'd drive that far to get it though.

A few days ago we went to Cold Stone Creamery. The ice cream we got was good but not as good as what we get here in our little town. I think it is the Glovers brand.


Drew said...

We have a local creamery called Somerset Creamery, it is on the Cape. They make an ice cream called Cranberry Bog. It has cranberries, walnuts and chocolate chunks in it. Delicious.

However I love getting Cold Stone while on the road. It is the only place I can get Strawberry ice cream with white and milk chocolate chips, peanuts, heath bar and Oreo all in one. And in a waffle bowl or cone to boot.

Lisa said...


Sarakastic said...

Something better than coldstone? Well I now have a new quest in life to find this mythological icecream

Lynn Corncroper said...

I have tried some of the worlds best ice cream orso I think it is but reading this blog and Comments makes my mouth water.

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website copywriter said...

Get out! I love mint chocolate chip. It's the best. Baskin-Robbins is my favorite, but I'd settle for any brand as long as it's minty and chocolaty and has loads of those chocolate bits in them.

I love gelato, too. Italian ice cream is to die for.

Pregnant said...

For sure! Choc chip Cookie dough is my all time favorite

Anonymous said...

Here is a poll: What is your favorite Baskin Robins Ice Cream? Peanut Butter and Chocolate for me. After working there when I was a kid I soon realized that they clearly make the best ice cream there is. For those of you that disagree you must remember quality of the product ends when it is in your hands. If you bought it in a grocery store it's automatically crap even if it says Baskin Robins on it. Here is the link to the poll I mentioned:

Joe said...

From someone who is in the food manufacturing business, namely ice cream, I can confidently tell you the following: If you truly love good, QUALITY ice cream, seek out the smaller privetely owned ice cream makers. Their product will probably be much higher quality and better tasting. The big guys like Cold Stone Creamery and Baskin Robins are huge companies more concerned with profits and quantity... not quality.
I'm from Michigan and can tell you really great ice cream can be found at the MSU Dairy Store on the Michigan State campus, there is a small brand that is sold in MI, OH, and IN called Mackinac Island Creamery. their ice cream is to die for. Very rich with lots of intense flavors. There is also a small ice cream company in Archbold, OH called Homestead Ice Cream. Homestead is a small family operation now run by the grandson of the original dairy farmer that started making ice cream on his farm back around 1900. Good stuff! My suggestion is to look for quality and avoid the big commercial ice creams. You'll be glad you did.