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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Are They Still Playing Music?

I just found out that the old rock and roll band Led Zeppelin will be performing in a town near us. Only one of the members is an original but that is still cool!

I wonder how many of the old timers are still out there playing their music.

There is a new film out called, I'm Not There. It is about the many phases of Bob Dylan's life. I can't wait to see it. He is an amazing performer. He is also very protective of his privacy. As stated in an article on CNN online, "Dylan liked the concept and gave co-writer-director Todd Haynes the rarest of gifts: the rights to use his music in the film, both in his own versions and many covers." Haynes began reading Dylan's biographies and discovered the many changes Dylan experienced throughout his life. These changes had deep intellectual, cultural, almost physical effects on Dylan's audience," Haynes said. I think that Dylan had so much influence on society. It will be fun to see how these changes are portrayed in the movie. I hope they did a good job. I don't want Bob Dylan to have any regrets.


Warhammer said...

Yes, it is great to see Led Zeppelin back in action. They are really the pioneers of rock :)

Anonymous said...

gee, rockers did so much for the
safety of the world didn't they.
i wonder how many were in the
military? bob dylan, probably
was a great warrior for the
soviet union. made darn sure
the u.s.a. stayed nice and peaceful and in checkmate.
made sure we felt guilty at
all times about 'having it
together'. thanks bob dylan,
you reminded all what a bunch
of dirtbags we really are.
as an american i admit i'm a
dirtbag. terry and the pirates
for example during the korean war.
gee i hope the irs gets your
taxes and estate taxes to pay
down the national debt you helped
create. of course your zimmerman
note to mexico is so heroic.
in the key of f minus. heroically
defending the rights of d and f
students everywhere. but what
can a moron do, 'cept to sing
for a rock n roll band? there
is no intelligent design in
the universe, but there is moron
design. see moroni 5:2 in thr
book of moron. excuse plz, book
of mormon. and also see mosiah
5:2. no more rainy day women,
its sunshine forever, getting
nice and hotter than hell.
enjoy. never mind critics bob,
there are no monuments to critics.
they just let off steam. they
have their boiling like eggs
they are so mad. and its boiling
hot besides. roasting. what
kinda turkey do you like?
dark meat or white meat. and don't
think dirty thoughts about that?
its an honest question at thanksgiving. happy rosh hashannah
bob. your religious take on
'hey landlord' is fine. as
we pay through the nose, just
to buy kleenex to blow it with.
even poets have to blow their
nose sometime. joe snidegrass
yahoo 360. vell done in vellum.

Karen said...

Ha! You really stand for something when you leave comments as "anonymous".

Michelle said...

Great post, love Led Zeppelin!!

What is that comment all about from anonymous, sounds a bit bitter, talk about having a rant!! chill out!!!!