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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Skin Care Product

My sister in-law is from Thailand and has dark complexion. Her skin always looks beautiful. She uses special make up made especially for her skin type. ORIKI Cosmeceuticals have developed products that work the best with her skin type. AMO Asian, Mediterranean, and Olive (AMO) skin types are more pigmented.ORIKI takes that into account when they formulate products for those skin types. Skin types that are more pigmented are more apt to show scaring when injured or have breakouts of acne. It is important to find the right skin care product to use to avoid problems that might arise later.

ORIKI was founded by an American Board Certified dermatologist and biochemist Dr. Tuan Nguyen. Dr. Nguyen found that difference in skin tones was an issue that needed to be addressed. Since 1984, ORIKI has been meeting the needs of women with more pigmented type of skin. Women love using ORIKI products. They contain the purest ingredients. These ingredients are scientifically designed to rejuvenate skin cells. Women have found that the collegan in their skin retains elasticity and that keeps their skin looking young. They love their healthy, young, smooth skin. Thanks to ORIKI, they have a product designed especially for their skin type.