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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Animal Lovers

My Mom got home to Indiana from her winter stay in Arizona. I think she is wondering if she came home too soon. It was 35 degrees here yesterday. On her way home she had trouble finding hotels that let her bring her sweet dog Suzi in with her. I found just the place if she ever visits Carmel, California. The Doris Day Inn welcomes pets and their owners. Doris Day is an advocate for The Doris Day Animal Foundation. Many of us have our pets with us when we travel. I hope more places will allow pets. Our dogs are our babies and they are clean and well mannered. I suppose there are those who would abuse the hotel and let their dogs tear things up. Many hotels charge a deposit to your credit card and then when they see that the room is ok they credit the charge. Enough of my push for puppies in hotels. Enjoy your day everyone!

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