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Monday, March 12, 2007

Marie Antoinette

Last night we watched the Marie Antoinette movie. It was such an interesting version of the story of a girl who was forced to marry at age 14 and then be a queen. It showed the life as teenager who had all the wealth and indulgence afforded to her. The movie didn't go on to show the political side except that she was forced to take her children and protect them by leaving their home. It didn't go into the accusations of treason. Therefore it didn't get into the whole guillotine thing. It was just a nice story of how she coped. The music chosen just cracked me up. My daughter bought the soundtrack today. It wasn't what you would think would be used for a movie showing that era. The music chosen was for a purpose. You will see the purpose when you watch the movie. The clothes were absolutely gorgeous. The colors were chosen for special reasons. Be sure to watch the bonus features to see why things were done. It was so interesting. The one thing I didn't like was that they portrayed Marie as having a sexual affair with a man. The man did exist but from what I could find on the Internet, it was never proven that such a rendezvous took place. The children were adorable. I recommend this movie highly.