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Monday, March 12, 2007

Cedar Hot Tub

We are still working on the new room. We have the walls stained and the electric is in. It is beginning to look like a lodge. We wired it for the hot tub and have been talking with friends to see what they like in a hot tub. Hot Tubs come in so many types that I've been checking the web for the kind that will fit in with the theme of our room. I am so excited! I love these Cedar Hot tubs by Northern Lights. Hubby is excited with the style and the Hot Tub Assembly sounds easy enough, that he can put it together himself. We checked out the Sauna Gallery and see a couple different ones we like. These saunas are being hand built in Canada. I checked out the specifications for how the tubs are constructed and what types of material are used. They use the best quality cedar and 304L grade stainless steel straps and screws to eliminates any rust or oxidization with optional brushed stainless steel. These sound just like what we've been looking for. Sponsored post.